Tim O'Brien - Letter in the Mail

I got your letter in the mail
Throwin' off my sense of scale
I felt you touch my heart today
But the postmark says you’re far away.
Across the fields and desserts wide
The mountains in the western sky
Out where the sun sets on the sea
So very far away from me.

Shadows fall upon my hand
Movin' west across the land
You’re only half way through your day
When I put my dinner dish away.
As lonely as I’ve ever been
I long to hear your voice again
So I called you just to let you know
I miss you and I love you so.

The farther I go down the track
The more time I spend lookin back
I wander through my memories
More precious now than gold to me
I close my eyes and I recall
When I was young and you were small
You know I miss those times back then
But today you brought them back again.

I got your letter in the mail
Throwin off my sense of scale
It made me happy it made me sad
To read those words "I love you dad."

      The heart, the brain, the soul and the hand of folk music can be found in Transatlantic Sessions. This one also reminds me of my daddy, my strongest root.

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