Paul Brady - The Lakes of Pontchartrain

It[G] was on one[D] fine March[C] morning,            [Em]when[G] I bid New[D] Orleans a[G]dieu,         [G]and I was on[D] the road to[C] Jackson[Em] town,  [G]my fortunes to[C] renew,                 I[G] cursed[D] all foreign[C] money,[Em]           [G]no credit[C] could I gain,               [G]which filled my[D] heart with[C] longing for,    [Em]the[G] lakes of[D] Pontcha[G]rtrain I stepped aboard a railway train beneath the morning sun. I rode the rails ‘til evening  and lay me down again. All strangers there, no friends to me, ‘til a dark girl towards me came. And I fell in love with a Creole girl on the Lakes of Pontchartrain.   I said "my pretty creol girl,  My money here's no good,  If it weren't for the alligators, I would sleep out in the wood, your welcome here, kind stranger our house is very plain,  but we never turn a stranger out on the lakes of Pontchartrain" She took me to her mamma's house,  and treated me right well, her hair upon here shoulders, in jet black ringlets fell, to try to preen here beauty I'm sure would be in vain so hansome was my creol girl on the lakes of Pontchartrain I asked her would she marry me, and she it never would be, while she had got a lover, and he was off at sea she said that she would wait for him and faithful she remained waiting for her sailor  on the lakes of Pontchartrain She value well my bonny old girl. Ill never see you no more I wont forget your kindness in that cottage by the shore and at every social gathering  a golden glass I'll drain, and drink the health to the creol girl on the lakes of Pontchartrain.

      Um certo dia, Bob Dylan telefonou a Paul Brady e pediu-lhe para lhe ensinar a tocar esta canção. Paul Brady esperou que Dylan viesse a Londres para um concerto e tal aconteceu. "Peguei-lhe nos dedos e coloquei-os nas cordas da guitarra e ele aprendeu depressa". Se ouvirmos a versão de Dylan nota-se que teve um bom professor.

      Mas, o que narra a canção? A Wiki diz-nos o seguinte "The Lakes of Pontchartrain is an American (US) ballad about a man who is given shelter by a beautiful Louisiana Creole woman. He falls in love with her and asks her to marry him, but she is already promised to a sailor and declines."

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