The Be Good Tanyas - Waiting Around to Die

Sometimes I don't know where this stony road is taking me
Sometimes I don't know the reason why
So I guess I'll keep gambling, lots of booze and lots of rambling.
Well it's easier than just waiting around to die.

Well one time, friends, I had a Ma I even had a Pa
He beat her with a belt once, cuz she cried
She told him to take care of me and headed down to Tennessee
Well it's easier than just waiting around to die.

Then I became of age and I found a girl in a Tuscaloosa bar
She cleaned me out and she hit it on the sly
Well I tried to kill the pain I bought some wine, I hoppped a train
Well it was easier than just waiting around to die.

Then a friend said he knew where some easy money was
We robbed a man and brother, did we fly
But the posse caught up with me and drugged me back to Muskogee
And now it's two long years just waiting around to die.

Now I'm out of prison, and I got me a friend at last
He don't steal, or cheat, or drink or lie his name is codeine
And he's the nicest thing I've seen
And together, we're gonna wait around to die.

      "Waiting Around to Die" is a folk song written and recorded by Texas songwriter Townes Van Zandt. It chronicles the life of a drifter as he passes sadly through the experiences of an abusive father, the abandonment of his mother, drug and alcohol abuse, fast women, and even prison. The song appeared first on Van Zandt's debut album, in 1968. It's the solemn story of a boozy rambler struggling to see the point of a fruitless existence that precedes eternal silence. A mirror of the US way of life at the time here sung by three ladies of this recent generation.

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