Reverie Harp: Earth and Sky Tuning

      The instrument  has a solid cherry  timber frame and solid red wood mahogany soundboard providing a great quality to the sound but is small (50x32cm), lightweight (4 lbs/ 1.80 Kg) and easy to hold with no sharp edges and it features a lovely carved tree rosette making it also pretty to look at. It's smooth, egg-like shape is inviting and designed to be held on a lap or shared between two players, such as a music therapist and patient.
      With 22 wire strings its unique design requires no skill to play, yet produces beautiful, soothing harmonies with the stroke of a finger. Easy to hold, easy to play. Small stringed instruments like the kantele, the lap harps (both of which we previously covered here in our Cool Music instrument blog), or the reverie harp are known worldwide because of its ability to calm and relax both the player and listener and convey really deep emotion in a very easy way.

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