Fay Hield - Raggle Taggle Gypsy

Gypsy Davey came through the woods
A-singing so loud and merry
The green hills all around him rang
And he won the heart of a lady
How old are you my pretty fair miss
How old are you my lady?
She answered him down by the riverside
I’ll be sixteen next Sunday.

Come go with me my pretty fair miss
Come go with me my lady
I’ll take you over the country wide
You never shall want for money
So she kicked off her high heeled shoes
All made with bows and feathers
She pulled on her low flat shoes
And they rode off together.

Raggle taggle gypsy gypsy
Raggle taggle gypsy Davey.

It was late at night when the squire came home
Inquiring for his lady
The servants all around him said
She’s gone with Black Jack Davey
Go saddle for me my milk white stead
The black ones not so speedy
He rode all night to the broad daylight
And overtook his lady.

How can you leave your house and land
Your feather bed and baby?
How can you leave your husband man
To go with Black Jack Davey?
Very well can I leave my feather bed
I’m sorry to leave my baby
Much better can I leave my husband man
To go with Black Jack Davey.

I won’t come back my darling dear
I won’t come back my honey
I wouldn’t give a kiss from Davey’s lips
For you nor all your money
So she pulled off her milk white glove
All made of Spanish leather
She’s gave to him her lily white hand
And bid farewell for ever.

She soon ran through her silken gown
Her velvet shoes and stockings
The gold ring from her finger’s gone
And she was left with nothing
Oh once I had a house and land
A feather bed and baby
But now I lie on the cold clay ground
With a gypsy dancing round me.

      Esta é uma das canções infantis escocesas mais famosas. Nela se descreve a história de amor entre uma menina rica e um cigano bonito. Ela, cansada do luxo e do tédio que o luxo sempre traz, resolve fugir de casa com Gypsy Davey para ser livre e feliz. O pai vai no encalço para a trazer a filha de volta, mas ela recusa. Afinal, a vida em riqueza é vã comparada com o desafio da aventura. A Carter Family, Woody Guthery, Bob Dylan também cantaram o tema com algumas alterações no texto e na melodia.

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