Sgt Pepper 'She's Leaving Home' Harpist Meets Ringo Starr

      Este solo de Sheila Bromberg está na zona de conforto de muitos de nós, porque o disco Sgt Pepper tem feito parte das nossas vidas. Qual das bandas dos nossos dias colocaria nesta melodia uma harpa? A história é conhecida, Paul leu a noticia de uma runaway girl no Daily Mail de 27 de fevereiro de 1967 e tentou dramatizá-la num poema a meias com John, que criou a parte dos coros. 
      A menina que fugiu de casa chamava-se Melanie Coe e conta assim a sua história "I was 17 by then and ran away leaving a note, just like in the song. I went to a doctor and he said I was pregnant, but I didn't know that before I left home. My best friend at the time was married to Ritchie Blackmore, so she hid me at their house in Holloway Road. It was the first place my parents came to look, so I ran off with my boyfriend, who was a croupier, although he had been 'in the motor trade' like it says in the song. I think my dad called up the newspapers - my picture was on the front pages. He made out that I must have been kidnapped, because why would I leave? They gave me everything - coats, cars. But not love. 
      My parents found me after three weeks and I had an abortion.I didn't realize for a long time that the song was about me. Years later Paul was on a program talking about how he'd seen a newspaper article and been inspired by it. My mother pieced it all together and called me to say, 'That song's about you!' I can't listen to the song. It's just too sad for me. My parents died a long time ago and we were never resolved. That line, 'She's leaving home after living alone for so many years' is so weird to me because that's why I left. I was so alone. How did Paul know that those were the feelings that drove me towards one-night stands with rock stars? I don't think he can have possibly realized that he'd met me when I was 13 on Ready Steady Go!, but when he saw the picture, something just clicked."   

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