Отава Ё - Иванушка-рачек

      English translation:

Ivan the Crayfish’s crawling along the bank
Catches a fish and brings it to little Ul'yan
Little Ul'yan wolfs down the peppered fish
The landlord sits in the barnyard and screams "I'll whip you!"
They work their fingers to the bone
With a wooden plough and harrow
Mother sold the latter
Didn’t ask much for it
A hoe, a shovel
And a hen
It sits on its roost
Counting its eggs
One, two, three, four
They taught me how to count
But not to read or write
I had to play with dolls
I broke one of my dolls
Mummy gave me a spanking
Dad, dad hit me on the back
Balalaika on the wall
Down the balalaika fell
And hit the pig on its hump
And then dad on his back
So he won’t be riding a pig anymore.

      Uma canção russa que descreve os prazeres do campo no tempo de criança. Era ao contar os ovos que que os meninos e meninas aprendiam a contar e era ao som da balalaica que aprendiam as canções populares. Belos são os versos, a melodia e o vídeo. 

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