The Dubliners and Ronnie Drew - Dicey Reilly (story & song)

      From Irish Music Daily: "The word ‘pop’, which is used in the chorus, is Dublin slang for pawn shop. This suggests Dicey’s daily routine is to visit the pawn shop to get money to buy drink. The ‘heart of the rowl’ refers to the end part of a roll of chewing tobacco. The end of the roll was generally considered to be the best because it had more time to mature."

  Oh poor old Dicey Reilly she has taken to the sup
  Oh poor old Dicey Reilly she will never give it up
  For it's off each morning to the pop
  And then she's in for another little drop
  For the heart of the rowl is Dicey Reilly.

Oh she walks along Fitzgibbon street with an independent air
And then it's down be Summerhill and as the people stare
She says it's nearly half past one, and it's time I had another little one
Ah the heart of the rowl is Dicey Reilly.

Long years ago when men were men and fancied May Oblong
Or lovely Beckie Cooper or Maggie's Mary Wong
One woman put them all to shame, just one was worthy of the name
And the name of the dame was Dicey Reilly.

Oh but time went catching up on her like many pretty whores
And it's after you along the street before you're out the door
The balance weighed and they looks all fade, but out of all that great brigade
Still the heart of the rowl is Dicey Reilly.

      Esta canção poderia ser incluída na célebre coletânea de contos de James Joyce "A Gente de Dublin". Talvez no conto Grace, onde a impotência, perante a dura realidade que oprime cada habitante da ilha, não tem uma oportunidade para se chegar a uma solução.  

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