The Furrow Collective - I'd Rather be Tending my Sheep

If I was the King of Taunton town
I'd wear a sword and a golden crown.
I'd ride on afore when we went to the war
With soldiers to follow, a hundred or more!

But I'd rather be tending my sheep,
Yes, I'd rather be tending my sheep;
My ewes and my rams and my little young lambs,
I'd rather be tending my sheep.

If I was a Bristol merchant-man,
With silver to collar and silver to hem,
And fine chests of gold, a sight to behold.
The thieves and the robbers they'd soon make me old.

A shepherd I've been all the days that I've seen,
When the fields they're white and the fields they are green.
And I do meet my foe when the cold wind does blow,
When the foxes so cunning hide down in the snow.

      Esta canção infantil da folk inglesa do século XIX dá a conhecer que são preferíveis as coisas simples às que resultam das grandes ambições.

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